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Cerca un numero di telefono e commenta la tua esperienza, rendere noto il telefono di un call center che ti chiama con insistenza per esempio, sarà sicuramente utile a qualcuno.



hackers calling in the name of Windows trying to send you a virus. Hang up or keep them on the line as long as possible. Once you have irritated them they want call for at least 2 weeks.


Possible hacker. They send SMS with url to a new photo. Do not reply


A Very Rude loud person who shouted at me on the phone indicated I registered for something to make money, I asked him to take me off his call list and he kept going on that I registered with them, I asked to speak to his superior so I could confirm that I was taken off the call list and he kept shouting at me and still was going on that I registered with them, I said I don't recall registering and asked again for them to take me off their call list. What a rude person and not worth even answering... I've blocked number so hopefully that's the end of speaking to this person who clearly can't do his job correctly or treat people with respect... Call came from Toronto Canada and phoning a mobile in Australia, their loss with the charge of the call going to them.... If companies are going to waste their money phoning people with an opportunity, they need to have choose their staff properly... Hope this company reviews their calls and fires this rude person. No one deserves to be talked to that way, just disgusting!


Szeretnèm a szám tulajdonosàt


I was called by this number many times. I attended but nobody was speaking. Who is this?


allo, reponse allo et puit rien